Creating unity within you

Yoga is obviously a great benefit to our physical health, but it's potential goes much deeper than what we see and feel on the surface. I don't believe there are pinnacle postures to achieve in our yoga practice. I believe there is a pinnacle us to achieve. A pinnacle state of being. If yoga is exercise, it is the most profound form I've ever explored. Yoga means to yoke, to unite; to bridge the gap between your individual consciousness and the universal self. In its fullness, yoga gives us the opportunity to explore our inner universe and cultivate a more harmonious way of being.

The physical asana shows us our limitless potential. The ethics keep us in a state of gratitude and grace. With this perspective, yoga is using the time and space we have, the technology of our body, to become more capable human beings - physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. Yoga is an expression of devotion to self evolution that words cannot create. It's a practice of insight and surrender that activates our intuition, opens our heart and connects us to all that is. Turning within, we find all we've been looking for. Divine wisdom is within us all, yoga is the treasure map.It is my intention to assist in your uncovering of the divine nature and abundant wisdom within us all as we grow together into the fullness of our collective potential.

My classes incorporate expressions of spirit, kriya yoga, pranayama and traditional vinyasa asana into one creative and meditative flow that encourages growth in your sense of self and in your practice. Surrender to the flow with me 4 times a week at Sat Nam Yoga Chicago, or book a private yoga session below. 

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90 Minutes of in-home private yoga and meditation designed to cater directly to your individual needs. 

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I offer a wide range of workshops. From deeper dives into the subtle body system and introductions of the sutras into the physical practice, to Reiki & Renewal Restorative, there is an offering for all skill levels and areas of interest. Connect with me to get full descriptions of offerings, or book a personalized private class, workshop, or team based yoga & meditation event. I'm also available for Conscious Chats and Corporate Mindful Meetings that inspire creativity, resilience and a feeling of connected consciousness to improve seeing your group vision through.