Gian Arjan Singh

Private Gong Sessions

Private Gong Therapy Sessions incorporate 2 gongs, planetary trigons, and other resonate instruments. The resonance of this focused vibrational healing can be felt like a sonic massage. The sound is rhythmic in nature, coming and going like waves, and you are gently guided back by the breath once it comes to completion. Tea or time to talk is always offered before you head back into the world.

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The Vibration of the Gong

The Gong is a powerful instrument to open the subtle body system, gently dissolve blockages, reduce tension, and stimulate circulation. The vibration of the gong creates a space of embrace for you to relax into your reality - beyond the roles, identities and responsibilities that create mental, physical and emotional stresses. It provides moments of enhanced vision and creativity, and helps cut the thoughts that sustain our pain. Made up of 80% water, our bodies are perfect sound resonators. With the assistance of the gong, shifts in consciousness and clearing emotional and physical blocks comes with more ease. The deeply penetrating vibrations effect the body on a cellular level, restore and revitalize your energetic body, silence the mind and stimulate the glandular system so that you can operate at your highest level of functioning.


Group Sound Healing

Host a Sound Journey with Gongs & Singing Bowls at your studio, home or event venue! Gian Arjan & his partner Gia Scavuzza intentionally co-create a vibrational frequency that is conducive to alleviating stress and tension, and provide sound experiences designed to unwind the mind and settle you deep into a relaxed state of inner peace.

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