Vibrate the Veil: Gong, Mantra & Mask Play with Gian Arjan & Narinder Bazen

Vibrate the Veil: Gong, Mantra & Mask Play with Gian Arjan & Narinder Bazen

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As Halloween approaches and the veil thins, our imaginary identities come out to play. In truth, whether we’ve noticed yet or not, our imaginary identity tends to play with the agenda of the world and the hidden Self year round. We wear masks, as a pain or fear response to what we've been sold and told by the world. The pursuit of artificial sweetness has got our collective projection going in every direction but toward Truth. There is a sweeter nectar beyond this veil of how to be, what to buy and short-term highs. There is an experience of Truth beyond description, of being wholly and Holy You. Tune into that you, the you behind the you you may think you are, the YOU you may have underestimated. Cross over the world ocean and free yourself from the imprints of pain and fear, even if for just this time together. 

This evening of gong, mantra meditation and mask play will assist you in breaking through the blocks of the subconscious, and beam you to the radiance of the real you so that you can better cope with the ways of world. 

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Gian Arjan will lead an elevating Kundalini Yoga warmup and 31 minute meditation to cut the trance-like unreality created by the inner narratives of the hidden self and worldly demands. The healing harmonics of multiple planetary gongs will then sound off for a deeply relaxing integrative experience, before literally getting behind the mask to play towards Truth and see yourself in the many mirrors that will be provided. The Sacred Clown, Narinder will guide us in this section of masked meditation, masked reflection and essentially new vision. Narinder has worked extensively with the transformative capacity of masks as a performer, mask maker, and spiritual teacher. Her mask work goes beyond craft, it is otherwordly. People who have worked with her in this way attest to their power. 

This workshop is open and accessible to all levels of understanding and practice. There will be an invitation to continue the meditation taught as a personal daily practice for 40 days. Consistency of this practice will enhance the ever-deepening benefits of creating a relationship with your Highest and Truest Identity. 

Yogi Bhajan said, "You owe it to yourself to be yourself." Recharge, revitalize, and re-inspire yourself to be yourself.

Time & Space
October 28th, 5pm - 8pm
Be Well Yoga
1039 Grant Street SE Suite A24, Atlanta, GA

Early-Bird (expires September 28th) $70
After September 28th $80

One scholarship will be awarded for free entry. If you feel this workshop would serve you and would like to inquire about scholarship opportunity, please reach to Narinder Bazen at