Into the Radiance

Into the Radiance


The Spring Equinox is a powerful time to be in meditation and reset. It is a New Year, a time to re-energize the 10 Light Bodies of Consciousness, and come back to life with new levels of awareness, vitality, energy and clarity. This 40 Day Challenge, Into the Radiance, is a chance for you to take advantage of the equal night opportunity and align with the ascending light of the season. Sow the seed to grow with all of nature and unfold into the beauty that bursts forth when given the right conditions; when you nurture and service your soul.

The movement of the outer Sun through the zodiac is reflected in the movement of our Inner Sun through the subtle body system. This 40 Day online immersion style course will create a space to do the cosmic labor of manifesting or inviting more light, more joy, more radiance into our lives and light up new awarenesses around the nature of your sustaining force, your attractiveness and divine magnetism. Through the 40 day meditation you will discover your own guiding light and develop a energy that will make real your ability to attract and command the extraordinary, the highest and the best by gaining the experiential know how to become a light unto yourself. It’s already in your intelligence. This immersion is a devotional time to be intimate with that source of knowing and get glowing!

What is included?
A 40 Day Group Meditation
+Weekly Live Group Broadcasts of Meditation with Group Discussion Afterward
+4 Digital Classes in Progressive workshop style
+Daily Writing Prompts to help you define your seeking of light and truth
+Personal Check In opportunities
+Access to Private Member Only group to share experiences and ask questions casually as they come

First online workshop and meditation introduction is March 20th. Full Schedule and details to come post registration.

All videos and content will be yours to keep forever, and can be viewed and participated in on your own time. Classes will be about 60 minutes in duration.

The investment is $150, with an on-sale special of $125 until March 1st. 1 scholarship participant will be accepted into the immersion at no cost. To apply, please write with your interest to

I hope to share this experience with you. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Sat Nam and many blessings in the coming ages of light.

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