Akash Hai! 222 Kundalini Yoga + Sound Journey

Akash Hai! 222 Kundalini Yoga + Sound Journey


Akasha Hai means Heaven IS! And on the Angel number day of 2.22 we invite you to connect deeply with your inner guidance. Feel yourself as a pure flame of flight with powerful Kundalini Yoga set to live music, then relax into a timeless healing space of peace and harmony with an immersive sound journey.

Take this time to intentionally welcome the coming miracles, and release all that has kept you from seeing the synchronicities, support and love that surrounds you in all spaces. Travel from Earth to the Ether through the vehicle of your breath and the projective mind, held by the expansive embrace of multiple gongs, didgeridoo, drum, crystal and Tibetan bowls and more.

This experience will tune you into the angelic energy of the day, and of your essence. Come, harness it. Become the balance. 222. The Miracle is you.

Kundalini Yoga with Gian Arjan
Live Music by Dustin Borlack & Sam Bottner
Sound Journey with Gian Arjan, Dustin, Sam & Gia Scavuzza

Limited to 20 participants

$25 Pre-register
$30 day of

Pre-registration highly recommended

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