A Yoga for the Age

Your Practice. Your Pace. Your Time. Your Space.

The challenges we face today are very unique to our time. Things are highly pressurized. Information is coming fast, and many people haven't developed the intuitive ability to be able to process the unnatural pace of life that's only been accelerated by technology. Thankfully, we've been given a time-tested technology to combat the modern madness, and develop the capacity to cover the space between pressure and potential. A technology that can light up your life brighter that any billboard or big screen; one for energy, vitality, health, and therefore happiness. That technology is Kundalini Yoga. And I'm grateful to be able to create an accessible outlet for you to practice at your pace, on your time, and in your space. 

Join me on Saturdays, right here on the LIVE page for the kundalini yoga experience. To use the technology we've been blessed with to bless ourselves even more - to build up our excellence and feel excellent. Peace. -Gian Arjan

Private video sessions are available, contact me.
Workshop Series beginning soon!