Gian Arjan Singh

"I want to make myself into bigger pieces so I can share what I've found with anyone and everyone who's seeking something." -Gian Arjan Singh

Growing into Gian

I was born in Oklahoma City with the given name of Mason Pain. My mother raised me with Native wisdom, by cosmic rules, and instilled in me the importance of truth. I learned from the learned, and experienced compassion in action and its power to calm chaos. Growing up in Oklahoma taught me strength of character and to value my values. Now living in Chicago, I believe life has unfolded in a way that continually confirms I was born to be this version of myself.  

I discovered yoga, the gong and energetic therapies during a period of my life that I felt truly tested by time and space. Together these practices allowed, continue to allow to me to have a play with consciousness that inspires enhanced emotional intellect; they clear me out and regulate the inherent tension that comes with the pressures of being human. These teachings create a neutral mind where I can see clearly, objectively observe and creatively construct my way through any internal or external block. They are my daily path to serenity and self-victory. All of my experiences lead me to me, to my sat nam, my truth identified. With this at the center of my mind, a few years ago I put a prayer in the air to become someone bigger than I had been. With that prayer came rapid manifestation. Exactly 39 days after the 2015 White Tantric Yoga meditation in Chicago, I left the salaried life of a comfortable job to invest in the stock of my soul. Later that summer, I became an RYT200 and took a speciality training in trauma informed yoga for youth. Since then I've continued my studies of self, sound and energy, having become a Gong Resonance Sound Therapist and Reiki Energy Practitioner. I've taken 381 hours and counting of Kundalini Yoga & Meditation courses in the past two years, meditated with monks in the mountains of South East Asia, and immersed myself in communities that keep me cultivating mental, emotional and spiritual richness. I now subscribe to the idea that success is what we achieve ourselves, nothing more.

Earlier this year, I sought a spiritual name to root myself in the higher vibration. I wanted it to be a constant reminder of the purity and power within myself, an inspiration to continue to serve, create and be constant in the work that has uncovered so many truths for me already. I was blessed to live by Gian Arjan Singh. Gian Arjan Singh translates to "the courageous Lion who, by understanding that he belongs only to God, embodies divine wisdom in the world." My name has brought me a deeper awareness of the truth that you fearlessly experience profound wisdom when you realize that you belong completely to God. This wisdom, uncovered by God & Guru's grace, guides me in all I do. 

I share from the places of knowing I've found within myself.