Connecting & creating communities that provide tools, time & space for you to recover or discover the Radiant You you were born to be. 


Radiant You Recovery is a budding organization Gian Arjan and his partner Gia and have been called to create due to the intimate ways addiction has touched their lives. Gia & Gian Arjan believe that there is a radiance and wholeness in every human being, and each person has the potential, and the right, to live a very fruitful, healthy, happy life. With full awareness and experience of just how pressurized life can get, Gia & Gian Arjan seek to start where they stand in providing tools, time and space to use this pressure to create diamond minds, and assist people struggling with addiction in recovering their radiance and being the beings they were born to be.

Radiant You Recovery intends to challenge the current models of addiction treatment by offering an alternative approach that empowers individuals to overcome addiction and trauma through an integrated model of care that combines both traditional and holistic approaches in a way that honors each peron's unique needs and evolutionary path towards self-actualization and realization.

Long term, Gia & Gian Arjan plan to open a no-barrier center that incorporates therapeutic healing and addiction refuge into the existing framework of eco-village and intentional community. Now, Radiant You provides free private yoga, sound therapy, case management, coaching and integration into ethically aligned programs and compassionate communities where people can heal their own lives and be supported with love and joy along the way.



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