Akashic Topic: Strength

Real strength comes from knowing the Self through the self.

Your Truth is the greatest strength and in it you will find the timeless capacity of your soul to continue on your chosen path.

Strength is yours to uncover, to expand into in the solidarity of soldier hearts holding a space for you to feel the force of the collective and your own ability to be with it.

Strength is yours now, to use, to soften your approach and radiate peace with the same power as what confronts it.

Strength will be known to you in these moments of pressure and pain, and your celebrations will be bigger than ever when you triumph over the trials of the temporary you.

Remember, you are always connected to a network of angels, guides and guardians here and above who will fly to you with the swiftness of a spoken word’s vibration. Call on them when you need, to be carried through all to all, to the One Truth, to elevate you out of all doubt, all perceived weakness and surround you in the protective armor of Infinite Light.

Bless you to know your capacity to serve and excel in the embodiment of your True Identity, Bless you to be embraced by an ever deepening awareness of all the love that surrounds you always. Bless you to bless others with the gift of each breath.

Sat Nam. Gratitude to my guides, teachers, all masters, and the Akashic portal for wisdom and healing that flows when we are open. May you open.

-Gian Arjan

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Gian Arjan SIngh