Truth, Trust & Mutuality
Individual consciousness will refine you. Group consciousness will expand you, and Universal Consciousness will redeem you to Infinity.
— Yogi Bhajan

My first experience of group consciousness was at a Christian Youth Camp growing up in Oklahoma. I remember vividly the feeling I got when we were in tabernacle worship. Thousands of voices chanting the names of God in pure devotion and collective presence. That was where I had my first experience with what people refer to as “the Divine Spark.” It was energizing and lit the light of awareness throughout my being of something much more expansive that was available to me than I had known before.

I was saved at that church camp. At that time, in the traditional sense. Now I look back knowing I was certainly saved, but it such a more expansive way. I was saved from isolation. I was saved from all my ego fears around my human capacity. I was saved from starving my soul of the communal meal it needed, the nourishment of experiencing God through the people around me in an immediate way. There was a container at that camp, a one-pointed focus. The space we set now, in Kundalini Yoga, with our tune in reminds me of it. The experience is no different now than it was then in terms of ecstatic connectivity, and our offering of sacred salutation, Sat Nam, Namaste, creates a certain trust for us to be deep in our devotions.

In times of vast separation and insanity, the work to be done to bridge the gap between the individual and the Infinite is in that re-cognition… the gap between people needs paved with mutual acceptance and walked hand in hand. We have to recognize as the Sutras say, that “the other person is you.” It applies to all beliefs and all non-believers. It’s a feeling. A knowing that transcends the confines of religious indoctrination and hierarchal spiritual organization. I have felt it at football games, Temples, Ashrams and dinner tables with friends. The group experience in all its forms is a portal to the Infinite joy of the Universal Conscious, and it is available to us now.

This Age is coming with a magnetic pull, a collective call. An invitation to the path of going from Me to WE to THEE. And it is in that, the path of the Yogi is paralleled to the embodiment of our humanity, our pursuits of creating greater unity, our soul’s longing to belong.

One of the greatest things to be experientially reminded of in polarizing times, when feeling isolated, unequal is that you are never alone. When you are weak, you can call on the strength of community, of your tribes, the brothers and sisters tuning in next to you in the yoga studio. You can call on the wisdom that has traveled throughout the ages remaining True, gently, and excitedly waiting to be known by you.

Group consciousness is an essential step on the path to spiritual maturity, and in my heart is an understanding it is an essential step in healing so many of our personal karmas, samskaras and societal crises. It expands you beyond the limitations of self conditioning into the depths of your Soul. It is the depth, in its fullness, we root to grow into a collective presence that holds the power of peace and the unified strength of Truth, Trust and mutuality. When group consciousness is established, when we show up and care for each other, only then can we progress to a more universal experience of our humanity.

We hold the collective power to live in equality and tranquility, the power to unite, live for each other and save ourselves from self-condemnation and separatism. There will always be opportunities to co-create spaces of healing, call upon the undying Truths of the cosmos, and establish trust in our total togetherness. The time is right to drop agendas and the soil is ripe to plant the seeds of Truth and Oneness, that with the light of love will arise and help us arrive in elevated consciousness.

I am offering a workshop December 7th at Inner Sense Healing Arts focused on the healing force of collective experience. It will be a chance to really bless yourself, and project out toward the group. I trust fully it will be a powerful, expansive and memorable experience, because I see the truth in you and I know what we are capable of. Let’s gather and do the work to let our lives become a healing song for all to hear.

Learn more about the workshop and pre-register here.

Gian Arjan SIngh