The Gateway to Greatness
What is greatness? Greatness is when you have found that you are not great, but everything else is. When everything else is great and you have experienced that, then everything else holds you in its esteem.
— Yogi Bhajan

When you can’t see it in yourself, can you sense the greatness in your breath? Can you see it in your surroundings? Can you feel yourself as a part of creation? The greatness you’re reaching for is always within reach, present in all, waiting to serve you in your awareness of it. In the face of a friend, the smell of fresh food. It’s in books, poetry and art. It’s in the design of the cities and the dense green of the forest. Greatness is all around us, miracles abound, even in the beat of our hearts and the physiology of our body mind systems. Greatness isn’t about what you amass, how you make up your look, or how you respond when people say “how’s it goin’.” Greatness is an experience and sight of Self in this shared time and space as the incarnate of Infinity. In your awakening awareness, greatness will show itself in your aura.

The Yogi thought, in life you are given the fulfillment. with life we have the chance to fill the fulfillment. Inherently. you are great. Just so much gets in the way. The process of walking to and through the gateway to greatness is in unwinding the mind’s attachments to lesser-than values and evaluations of Self. That will expand out. The embodiment of your greatness comes in becoming you first.

Yoga isn’t going to make you great. Yoga is going to make you you.
— Yogi Bhajan

What else are you but great. The words that come to me are, you already know, now you must believe. The soul knows, the psyche knows. The development comes in your ability to call on the knowing, change directions, exalt the self, and clear the debris that diverts you from your destiny path. There is no MLM that will take you to the top, no product, or price. It’s in your commitment, your connection to the inner authority. It’s in your discipline. It’s in your response-ability. It’s in you. No pile of things can elevate you to a more high standing on this earth than recognizing yourself as apart of the same vast creation as the ocean that moves you, the forest that soothes you, and all the beings that live in your heart’s beat.

Don’t expect to be given a formula. Look for resonating opportunities to create experiential epiphanies that emerge from your own deep knowing. Put the awareness in your bones as it arises. Write it down. Meditate on it, and repeat. You will be you, and greatness will be yours to keep.

This is why The Gateway to Greatness Online Immersion was born. As a personal process. A way to kickstart a year of constance in consciously uncovering more of the greatness of you, so you can live fully as you, and excel in all you do.

The Immersion is about YOU.

The Gateway to Greatness is not through me. It’s just to you. This immersion provides a pathway to Self through the transformational practices of Kundalini Yoga, Sadhana, journaling and tuning in to your Higher Knowing through the Akasha. The prayer is that you will be guided to your own embodiment of a more expansive Identity, and inspired to develop an ever-expanding relationship with your Infinitely creative consciousness. These aspects I find crucial will all be covered.

Developing your capacity to change gears

We are living in a time of rapid shifts and change. The developed capacity to cross the crisis of change is more important than ever to our health and happiness. To change gears from depression, hesitation and doubt to Trust, vitality and compassion in action. It’s what’s needed, and with the developed capacity, we feel greater expanse already. We gain the character and the caliber. Our first class creates a trajectory toward the greater Truth in you, and sets the gearshift of your Soul up a notch. It gives you the tools to remain intuitive in times of insanity, strong in stress, and healthy in your Self image.

Exalting yourSelf

There is so much being sold to us that compounds the imprints of pain that come from our Soul’s longing to belong. We are shown images of beauty and bounty that our perception of Self doesn’t always align with. In order to truly embody Greatness, you have to see yourself and sense yourself as great. You have to know how bountiful and beautiful you are with compassion melting the inconsistent narratives of comparison. Our second class is going to elevate your esteem in the light of the Infinite beauty that you are and exist in.

Projecting Your Destiny

We get stuck in dissatisfaction so often, whether it be in work or relationship. The idea of success we buy in society tends to cloak our perceived capacity to create the life we dream about. It’s normal to think in material terms of “I have to do this, so that I can do this.” Our final class expands this into the mind’s projection and energetic body, and promotes a connection between your will and divine will, so you can realize your own Infinite capacity to live your imagined life.

Consistency & Commitment

A 40-Day Sadhana (daily devotional practice) will be assigned to break limiting habits and belief patterns, and rewire the mind to set you on a trajectory for Self Victory. Each day you will come with its own writing prompt as a way to get you expressing from a place of clarity, and the type of emptiness that allows creativity to come through. Writing gives us reference. It brings the experiences of Self out into the material, and often can assist in finding meaning in them. I believe it will show you how to capture the pull of your destiny.

Connection & Community

The increasing shift to the internet of things doesn’t have to bring about more isolation. Throughout this process, we will use technology to connect deeper and form community among the group. We will be together in collective strength through all space, and it will be a beautiful example of the reach of group consciousness. There will be weekly interactive dharma talks, and 3 personal private check-ins to process out loud and ask questions to the Akasha (a vibrational record of your Soul’s knowing).

We are going to begin the year together in the light of who we are, the shared Identity of Truth that’s traveled through the tune-ins of yogis and sages throughout the ages to be known by us now, to be embodied by us now, so that we can light up the days of dark transition into times that reach beyond bright. It is going to feel great and be great. It doesn’t matter if you’re joining the immersion or not. Set that intention. “I will feel great, and I will be great. My light, unto all. My light, unto the Universe.” See yourself already as exalted, sit and watch what comes.

Bless you to know how supported you are to be as big as your dreams, as bright as the stars, and as constant as the Sun that lights the Earth with its radiance. Bless you to be prosperous in the New Year. To be happy, healthy and connected to people who add love to your life. Bless the coming days to bring you the blessings you deserve, that you need, that you pray for. Bless you to stay you in the beginning, the middle and the end. Sat Nam.

The Gateway to Greatness Online Immersion starts January 1st and continues through February 9th.

2 Scholarships will be awarded for the Online Immersion, one full and one partial. To apply, please email me directly. You don’t need to lead with your circumstance, just interest, and we will connect from there.

Please only apply if you otherwise would not be able to attend, to keep the opportunity open for those that wouldn’t.

Gian Arjan SIngh