Vibrate the Cosmos Solstice Sadhana: The Path has Been Cleared

This year's 3HO Solstice Sadhana started June 15th, and ended just this past Monday. This year we explored the 5th Sutra of the Aquarian Age: "Vibrate the Cosmos and the Cosmos Shall Clear the Path." The Meditation was the Master Key Meditation, said to be the Master Key to the Cosmos. The Mantra:

Ek ong kar, sat gur prasad sat gur prasad ek ong kar.
God and we are one. I know this by the grace of the true Guru.
I know this by the grace of the true Guru. God and we are one.

"This mantra, also known as the Siri Mantra or the Magic Mantra, stops anything negative and removes all obstacles. It brings great intuition. If the mantra is chanted 5 times, it will stop the mind and put it into reverse gear. It can take you beyond duality and establish the flow of spirit."

The Master Key Unlocked New Doors for me

Yogi Bhajan said "Sadhana is self enrichment." Sadhana is using your God given technologies to come into being - into beaming. Daily. Even when the sun shines in a way that makes your shadows come out, Sadhana strengthens your ability to notice them while still gazing toward the light. Sadhana helps you stand in the direction that puts you on top of your shadows. You start to see everything that does not bring you closer to ONE is zero. "Sadhana is a personal process in which you bring out your best."

The Summer Solstice Vibrate the Cosmos Sadhana made me more of a believer than I already was. I felt something sacred in me rising to the surface each time I sat with myself and the mantra. I saw it work in my days. They became lighter and brighter, littered with laughter. The vibration uncovered a joyous radiance. It was like waking up and shouting “today will be magnificent and I will enjoy being me - one with infinity!”

This sadhana was sent to me with the most divine timing. This year has come with many challenges that have had me feeling far from the infinity in me. After my first experience with this meditation, the Master Key, I felt it open new doors for me. It was a decluttering. Divinity washed away the duality that had been throwing me off my center. I could start to see clearly with my eyes closed, and I saw this 40 days as a wonderful opportunity to use the time and space I had to connect, create, explore and expand into the wholeness of who I already am.

The Vibrate the Cosmos Solstice Sadhana was a prayer for more purity in my projection. A prayer that my life become a healing song that inspires all I meet to join in the dance.

With this Sadhana came the deeper realization that my voice is a vehicle for creation. That inspired me to set intentions to have my purity be known by its vibration. It brought me further into the knowing prosperity and infinity both belong to me. Day 20, Independence Day, I had this beautiful realization that we get our independence from the Infinite and knowing we are fully capable of creating a life we love. We experience true freedom in the form of a mind free from the torrent of thoughts that pull us away from source - out of orbit from the center of creativity that each of us are. We get it from our own will, our own declarations, born out of the discoveries of wisdom that is inscribed in our souls. We get it from these mergers with the Universal Self. This was self liberation.

Toward the end, I found my intuition telling me to take more initiative. To go for it. I was getting visions of an abundant golden life. A life where purity paves the path to prosperity. And I was praying for God and Guru to make me into a man that knows he can manifest it. I was praying for God and Guru to guide me closer to this golden core that would open the door to days I've never even dreamed of. I felt victory within myself. The resonance of my voice, the vibration of these sacred sounds created a reverence for life where beauty abounds. I found myself freed from self-shackling stagnancy. Movement was made on molecular levels, and those shifts changed the stars in my sky; my universe became bigger and brighter. I felt clarity pushing through clouds like a day that refuses to rain. Dwelling in God, I was able to establish a better flow of Spirit.

This has been another lesson and reminder of what can be created, what can be achieved when concentrated time goes into cultivating higher consciousness. I thank God for the time, I thank myself for using it.

In reverence for the lessons of this intimate and infinite relation to myself, for the sake of all the souls I intersect with, I want my presence to be powerfully rooted in the Nam. The true name. With each creation, I only hope the attitude of gratitude can overcome me with a sense of overflowing joy. I only hope my projection leads me in a heavenly direction. Guru is my guide, the Cosmos by my side. God and we are one.

I shall live a life that honors these universal truths. I shall. I am.

Prayers & Affirmations from Post Sadhana Writings

A Prayer for Patience

Blessed be my soul as it travels these winding roads
May I open myself up fully to each moment in a meaningful way
A way that expresses honor to be here on this Earth, in this body
May the divine in me deepen its roots into the realities of oneness, compassion and love
May I wake more alive each morning
May the purity in me lead to prosperity, and may I be patient with the process


A Call to Serve

Grant me the eyes to see God in all
Please give me the strength to live in your grace
Free my mind from selfish thought, so that I may be a better servant of the world
Allow the healing of my heart to help others heal
Let me be an example of how to live a life

and in that may I be truly alive


A Prayer for Grounding

Ground me in the grace of the Gurus
May my mind be in a neutral posture
May my heart stay in prayer
and my body keep dancing with the rhythms of life


Lakeside Meditation

I am a force of nature
Crafted by time and space
to be the Man I am
In a state of grace
I’m connected to this wind I feel on my skin
I’m connected to the birds, they are my kin
I’m spreading my own wings now
Soaring with Spirit
Beauty abounds and I’m listening to the sounds that soothe my soul
Keep me in this elevation
I’ve gotten used to the air
The way I feel here is free
May I remember it

may I always be

A Prayer for Elevation

Help me see and stand closer to my divinity
Help me to stay connected to the joy that is my life.
Guide me to be in grace even in situations that stir my soul
Make me a healing force
Grant me the will to reach with trust toward my highest good
Elevate me in holiness
Alleviate me from all that does not serve the purpose of serving
Bless my soul, Eternal One
Shower me in the love from which I was born


A Prayer for Gentleness

God grant me the grace and gentleness to sail away from what no longer serves me without rocking the shore
Light in me, steer this vessel in the direction of truth
And may I be able to go with any tide


A Prayer for Tough Choices

I ask for the guidance, the grace of the Gurus
For intuition to illuminate the answer my soul already knows
Thank you for the gift of choice
and the eyes, the heart, to see what I’ve been choosing
Lift me higher now, into the Infinite
Elevate my mind
Help me to see positivity
So I may be at peace with each day’s decisions


Reselience Affirmation

I am strong & I’ve got Spirit by my side
I am a ship that can sail with any tide

(3-11 minutes)

Even though the 40 Day Solstice Sadhana has come to completion, you can still Vibrate the Cosmos!
If you'd like to start your own 40 day meditation with the Magic Mantra, click here to learn more about it.

Gian Arjan SIngh