Ajna: Awaken your intuition

The 6th Chakra, Ajana, means “beyond wisdom.” Residing at the brow, or third eye point, the 6th Chakra acts like a lens that opens us up to see beyond our ordinary reality. The indigo energy of the 6th Chakra allows us to remove the veil; to become disillusioned, thus discovering the deepest truths within. With this insight, vision guided by inner light, we are able to create a future more aligned with the highest essence of ourselves, and to live more deeply aligned with our truths.

The 6th chakra is the doorway to the soul, to higher realms of consciousness, where our dreams and life-visions are formed; it’s where we tap into, connect and reflect with spirit. It’s where we develop our imagined self. Using the energy of the 6th Chakra we can choose to see ourselves simply as perfection, as cosmic consciousness, void of any flaws. Our 6th Chakra takes us out of the limitations created by self and surroundings, getting us back to our intuitively intelligent nature. As we enter this center of seeing all that is for all that it is, we learn to trust our inner guidance to shine light on our outer experience. We open ourselves up to receive messages from our spirit guides and all our angels. We are invited to see from a different perspective.

The 6th chakra is etheric in nature; a sensitive receiver and translator of the universe’s many forms of vibration. It deals with subtle energies and the subtle body; activating the vision of this chakra is like seeing with your eyes closed. It’s cultivating a 6th sense, or strengthening a tool for experiencing higher realms of consciousness and developing discernment. With an open third eye we’re able to be a witness, and see things as they really are, as opposed to how we think they are. We are supported in the infiniteness of our imaginations. We intuitively know. We come to understand that we’re creating our own reality with each thought, and we start to live more inspired lives as a result. When our third eye is fully activated, both hemispheres of the brain are synchronized, balanced, working as one. Soul is brought into our decision making, diluting the influence of ego, and increasing the involvement of intellect.

Activating our intuition we are more ready to face what comes with the cycles of life; we are one step ahead. As Yogi Bhajan puts it, “develop your intuition, so that the changes in the years to come may be convenient for you.” As with the rest of the spiritual chakras, the 6th is best stimulated and strengthened through meditation. Thinking of yoga as a moving meditation we can break it down into two parts. Part 1 is insight: acknowledging any thoughts, sensations or emotions arising in the body and mind. And part 2 is surrender: letting go of any attachment you have to those thoughts, feelings or sensations; letting them be so you can be. Keep this 2 part process in your mind’s eye as you move through these asanas. Balasana (Child’s pose): connecting your Third Eye to the earth, see yourself as a child of the universe, infinite and timeless. Yoga Mudra: Bow to your higher self, tapping the third eye on the earth with each lowering down, know the infinite space in the center of the third eye as the essence of the self. You can even simply stand in Tadasana (Mountain pose) and sense the activation of the 6th Chakra; a place of stillness, where we meet life with the stability and calmness of a mountain.

All asanas and meditations can be enhanced by rolling the eyes in and up to the brow point, where the pea-sized pineal gland resides. The pineal gland is connected to your optic thalami, activated by, and controlling the action of light. This optic pressure will start the secretion of melatonin, only one carbon molecule off from being one of the most powerful psychedelics known to man, Dimethyltryptamine - often called "the spirit molecule." Carbon levels in the blood are based, among other things, on breathing patterns. When the breath is rapid, as it is in kapalabahti, we experience drastic drops in c02 in our bloodstream. And, seeing as how DMT + c02 = Melatonin, we are left to wonder, is it melatonin creating these dream like visions, or are indigenous DMT molecules being released via the optic nerve pressure and focused breathing patterns? Whatever the case, this secretion will take you deeper into the visionary realms of your universe and help you to eventually experience the trance-like state of theta wave consciousness in meditation. This is quite literally “heady stuff.”

We can also nourish the 6th Chakra with brain focused foods. Anything rich in Omega-3s, dark chocolate (yes you read that right, treat yourself), and berries that support mental clarity and cognitive thinking via their antioxidants will be bountiful for your brain. So tonight, eat your fish with a side of strawberries and dark chocolate and then drift off into a state of bliss. : )

The Bija mantra for the 6th chakra is simply Om. Om is the sound of the universal vibration, connecting us to all things, including the highest realms of the self and spirit. Om has three syllables: a, u and m. As you chant Om, come into a zero point of focus at the third eye and see an indigo wheel of light growing and glowing into fullness. See yourself connected to all parts of you and the universe. After chanting, take time to ask aloud any questions that arise. Ask your intuition, your inner guidance, to help you make the right decision. Then meditate for 3-5 minutes at least, keeping the focus at the brow. Trust, the answers will come.

This is your 6th Chakra affirmation, make it as true as you:

I am connected to my inner light. I see solutions to situations and make positive changes in the now. I am the creator of my reality and trust that my life is unfolding exactly as it should. I am one with the universal vibration. I see clearly. Illusions no longer fool me.

Your formula for enlightenment is imagination + intuition + insight = inspired action. Now set your sight on the summit of our chakra pyramid, the 7th - Sahasrara. It’s time to fully connect to the divine creation that flows through us all. Join me tomorrow at noon at Sat Nam Yoga Chicago as we continue to expand and experience unity.


Sat nam & namaste,




Favorite 6th Chakra crystals: Labradorite, Amethyst, Fluorite


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