Shadows & Spirituality

I've read multiple posts over the past few days about shadow being an illusion. How there is only love, only light. This is spiritual bypassing. Darkness is as there as the night sky. Sure, the sun may always be shining, but not always from our perspective. Bypassing this truth is like taking the scenic route to a dead end within yourself. This is not the nature of light.

The nature of light is described by physicists as “the wave nature of particles” and “the particle nature of waves.” Particles have the potentiality of waves, waves have the potentiality of particles. Light has darkness, lows exist with highs. The same is true in a psychological and emotional sense.

I tend to see "spirituality," or "being in the bliss" sold with a big fluffy coat wrapped around it as if it’s something that comes comfortably. That's just as unrealistic as the photoshopped product images on billboards and in magazines. This is the spiritual version of consumer happiness and how-to-person put in different packaging. "Only light" puts the tangible benefits of self-exam on a seemingly unreachable pedestal. It’s not communicating a realistic process, and out of that we can create a sense of consciousness inequality. “I’m not ready for that because of this,” or “I can’t have that feeling, because I have these feelings.” The truth is, going back to physics, gamma-ray photons (explosions of light) come out of electron-positron annihilation (positive and negative charges colliding). In other words, the collision of the "positive" and "negative" gives birth to light. Let these collisions happen in the laboratory of your soul to experience explosions of sunlike radiance and celestial joy. It is okay to feel for now. Be total.

The curators of higher consciousness need to cut the fluff out of spirituality. It is not like a snapchat filter that makes all your blemishes go away. True spiritual strength is relating to your infinity even when you feel like a zero. In that, you will grow stronger in your essence of love and appreciation of self as a total being, seeing potentiality in experiencing light and darkness in waves and as born out of each other. Love is the source. Yes. But we don't get there by denying the truth of what comes our way while we're here learning our lessons. Our souls want to live authentically, and to provide space for that to happen we have to be open and honest with ourselves in each moment. If you get into the delusion that darkness is an illusion you'll be on your way to manifesting even more self-manufactured misery. One-sidedness is what doesn't exist. In allowing yourself to sit in the shadow, you're in the process of creating an equal experience of soaking up the sun. Your birthright of happiness and bliss will come alive in your acceptance and ability to face the full spectrum of life.

There will be days you feel like you can take on the whole universe with peace and piety. There will be days you cannot. It is thanks to the absence of light that we are able to see the trillions of shining stars in our universe. Gaze upon them with grace. And don't buy into the imaginary idea that we can dissolve all our dark debris with the simple thought of "love and light."

I love this piece by Maxwell Crabill. It's proof there is beauty in the darkness.