Svadhisthana: Creating the life you desire

Last week, working with the Root Chakra, our intention was to ground deeper into ourselves and our surroundings; to feel secure as we make our way to the higher Chakras, the higher realms of the self. This week, with the Sacral Chakra, it was to feel, to love our bodies, to embrace our passion and be open to our highest joy (and we worked hard for it, again).

Located just between the pubic floor and the navel, the Sacral Chakra opens us up to live a life full of passion. It allows us to experience life through what we feel, and create what we desire from that space.

The Sacral Chakra, Svadhisthana, is the “dwelling place of the self.” It connects us to our inherent creative and divine nature. We were born creative creatures, divine energy; love manifested into physical form. We’re perfect examples of pure harmony. Unfortunately, for our creative selves, society sometimes makes it hard for us to fully express and explore our passions and desires. As I heard it put the other day, it seems like anything that’s not related to the production or consumption of material goods is stigmatized in our society. This is the main problem point for Second Chakra energy. Because of this, we may feel our 2nd Chakra energy flowing freely in some aspects of our life, while blocked in others, or at least not fully-actualized because of silly societal pressures. Ultimately, this can leave us feeling disconnected from our bodies and passions.

Our teacher Yogi Bhajan loved pressure. He used to say “you are what you create under any given circumstance.” And "when the pressure is on, that's when you begin." A balanced Sacral Chakra makes you free express without issue. In every circumstance, you will have the confidence to create and feel supported in the strength of yourself. A balanced Sacral Chakra, essentially, opens us up to live a more passionate life in every sense.

Sacral Chakra imbalances typically manifest in our emotional bodies. An out of balance Sacral Chakra can put you in a place of creative drought, feeling impotent or emotionally distressed. Through these issues of imbalance, you may find it much harder to create the life you desire.

To gauge where your Sacral Chakra Energy is at, check in with yourself; check in with your body. Ask yourself if you feel free to express? Do you feel constrained or constricted in your physical body? Are you open to intimacy? Asking yourself these questions, and answering them from an honest space of self-love will help identify any weaknesses in the second chakra. From there, you can start to create the space needed within yourself to open up a little more to your creative nature.

Once you’ve identified any imbalance, or if you’re looking to simply strengthen the Sacral, you can start to get physical. The Sacral Chakra, like the Root, deals the the world of matter - this physical realm - so physical posture will be the most beneficial to your opening and activation. Asanas that open and activate the Sacral Chakra are: Sufi Grind, Utkatasana (Chair), Navasana (Boat), you can flow between the two of those for the fun transition we did in class, Bhujangasana (cobra) and Parsvottanasana (Pyramid) to name a few. If you’d like the entire sequence from last Saturday, please let me know via email and I’ll send it over.

As you explore these asanas, let acceptance be your theme. Acceptance of where you’re at in the pose; acceptance of your body. If you’re having issues with any of them, see if you can creatively construct a frame of mind that helps you to see and feel them differently. Maybe throw in a dance move or two, sing aloud as you flow, create, express, explore - make these poses be your own, representing your own creative nature. Make them work for you. Most importantly, have fun. Play.

We can also activate and bring balance to the Sacral Chakra through pranayama. The Sacral Chakra being feminine and lunar in its energy, the most obvious choice for a potent pranayama practice is Ida Nadi. But first, the nadis... The nadis are pathways for prana (breath - your life force energy). The three most important to our Navigation of the 7 Chakras are Ida, found on the left side body, Pingala, on the right side, and Sushumna, at the central channel running through the 7 chakras from the base to the spine. You can think of it like this: Sushumna, both nostrils open and balanced breathing freely; Ida, breathing solely through the left nostril, lunar or feminine side; and Pingala, breathing solely through the right nostril, the solar or masculine side.

Sitting with yourself, eyes closed exploring the infinite, simply place the thumb on the right side nostril and breathe long and deep through the left. Ida Nadi will activate your lunar energy, your divine feminine and creative nature. Try practicing this breath for a couple minutes the next time you’re feeling any disruptions in your creative flow or impediments in the intimate aspects of your life.

The Bija Mantra for the Sacral Chakra is VAM (soft a). Chant this mantra as long as you wish. Focus your awareness at the naval. See in your mind’s eye a beautiful wheel of orange creative energy, glowing and growing until it fills up your entire being. Chant it with passion. Feel it in your physical body. When you come to a close, sit and let the mantra continue to reverberate within. In that moment, set an intention for yourself. Make it one that inspires you to create the life you want for you.

If you dug the diet of the Root Chakra, try working these foods into your diet for the rest of this week to cleanse the Sacral: Oranges, coconuts, mangos, melons, kiwi, and cinnamon. These along with other sweet fruits will help flush out any imbalance that’s been caused by dietary irregularities or emotional stress. Plus, they’re super tasty. Try throwing them in a blender for a sweet sacral smoothie!

While we’re on foods, let’s talk about water. Water is obviously essential for us no matter where we’re at in our Chakra alignment, but the Sacral being a water element, makes it extra beneficial in bringing about balance. Not only drinking lots of water, but being near it. If possible, get out in nature near a river, lake or ocean. If that’s not an option, maybe just run yourself a bath. It’ll help you relax into your creative flow and release emotions that don’t serve you or your creative purpose.

Your affirmation for the Sacral Chakra is the truth of who you are. Say it loud, feel it, and let others feel it: 

I am a unique manifestation of divine energy in physical form. I love all dimensions of myself. I am a creature of light open to my highest joy. I embrace life with passion. I feel, therefore I create.

I hope to see you on Saturday at Sat Nam Yoga Chicago as we move up to the Third Chakra, the Solar Plexus. The Third Chakra is the center of our willpower, the core of our identity. It’s arguably the most important Chakra, as its strength allows us to step fully into our power; into our true identity. Will is what turns thought into action, so if you’re thinking about coming, keep with the Third Chakra theme and show up for yourself. : )

Now, go create something awesome to share with the world!

Sat Nam & Namaste



Favorite Second Chakra Crystals: Carnelian, Orange Kyanite, Orange Calcite




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