Anahata: Let it all just be love

The Earth of the root chakra, the water of the sacral, and the sunlight of the solar allow us to grow upward into the secret garden of the heart, where the flower of our being, the essence of love unfolds into a deep green meadow. See it in your mind’s eye. This is Anahata, unstruck and unhurt. Our 4th Chakra translation is a direct call upon the truth that beyond our pain, beyond the hurt we feel in our heart, is a pure place where nothing but love exists.

We can find that purity through opening the Heart Chakra to invite more compassion, understanding, and forgiveness into our lives. When your Heart Chakra is open, you can compassionately understand, and and act from a place of love as opposed to reacting from a place of fear or anger.

Forgiveness is such an important aspect to a healthy Heart Chakra and clearing the space to invite more love into your life; forgiveness for yourself or anyone else in your life that needs it. Forgiveness because you deserve it, even if the one you’re forgiving doesn’t. Make peace in your mind to make peace in your heart. Remembering the lessons of the Solar Chakra, we always have the power to choose during any given circumstance. Choose love. Let it all just be love. Let go of everything else.

Love is the most profound and healing energy in the universe. We are perfect examples of it; of the heart’s desire for harmony. We are love manifested into physical form; the product of two hearts beating as one. Mother Earth and the beat of our hearts is the common thread among all living things, thus the Heart Chakra holds in it the power of unification. The power of realization that when we peel back our layers, we will always find love as our essence. With that essence in mind, it’s easier to see yourself in everyone else. This heart-based vision cultivates empathy, and gets us back to our compassionate nature. The closer you are to your heart, the closer you are to your soul - both of which posses infinite capacities to heal and love. And the whole world needs healing. So let’s open up.

Placing your left hand on your heart, and right hand over your left, you feel the beat; your own rhythm of life keeping you alive. Take time to acknowledge 7 billion other human hearts are beating just the same as the one you feel in your hand, right now and always, but yours is the only one that’s uniquely you, right now and always. That’s all the more reason to love that sacred unifying space within yourself. All the more reason to love yourself. Sharing that space takes courage, takes trust - the true test of love. Trust yourself. Through it all. As we walk our paths, we will be hurt. Hurt is unavoidable. Bliss isn’t found in an abundance of positivity; it’s found in the balance. Again, choosing love instead of grief, choosing forgiveness instead of jealousy will keep your heart open to its own infiniteness, and I’ve always found that open hearts open doors. Aligning your path with your heart will keep those doors opening and you flowing freely with the rhythms of life.

To flow open your heart, practicing asanas that physically open the heart space will be lovely. Bhujangasana (cobra pose), Salamba Bhujangasana (Sphinx), Dhanurasana (bow), Ustrasana (camel) and Ardha Mandalasana (half circle) are just a few we explored in class. While exploring these poses on your own, visualize a glowing green mandala at the center of your heart, representing the wholeness of your being and the love that flows spontaneously when you attune to this wholeness. Notice that both the positive impressions as well as the painful are all reflections of a fundamental human need to love and be loved. In Sphinx, imagine yourself like the Great Sphinx of Egypt; a work of art, divine creation, something to admire. Notice that the quest for love is a reflection of a wholeness and radiance already present in your own heart, waiting to be discovered in the stillness where you can hear the it’s voice. Listen to it. Ask it where it wants to lead you, then put one foot in that direction.

The 3 mantras explored in class were: Ma, recognizing the divine mother, the loving energy within us; Om Mani Padme Hum, proliferating compassion; and YUM, the Bija mantra, to clear out any blockages in our heart space and come back to our wholeness. Mentally vibrate on why people love you. Mentally vibrate on why you love you. Make a list, like you’re going shopping for your soul and smile about it all.

Affirmations can be especially powerful for our heart Chakra. Cultivating self love, loving ourselves is the first step to loving anything outside of us. It’s how we see the outside more clearly. If ever your insides, the love for yourself is getting cloudy, say this aloud until you feel it’s truth deep within your heart:

Nothing can touch the soul of my heart but love itself. I am worthy of love. I am love. I flow freely with the rhythms of life.

If you’re more into feeding your heart with food, the Fourth Chakra loves its greens. Kale, spinach, broccoli, brussel sprouts and everybody’s favorite, avocados! Go heavy on the vibrational balance with color on the Fourth Chakra foods. Apples, grapes, kiwi... Spice things up with thyme, sage, basil and cilantro. Saying grace before meals is another way to consciousnessly put even more loving energy and intention into your Chakra diet. As everyone knows though, the best way to open up and receive love is to give love. With that, sharing food is also wonderful for the heart. Maybe invite someone over that you need to forgive, and feed both your physical and emotional body by sharing a heart-based meal together.

Over this next week (at least), I challenge you all to act like a bunch of puppies. Go wild with joy every time you see someone you love. Even if it’s for the 15th time that day. With that radiant energy, watch how love fills up the totality of your life.

This Saturday at noon at Sat Nam Yoga Chicago, we’ll be moving up the chakra ladder to the 5th Chakra, Visuddha, our communication center. Join me to discover how to harness the power and love we’ve cultivated with the 3rd and 4th chakras to communicate our truths with confidence. Sunday at 1pm, I will also be co-hosting a special Valentine’s Day partner practice called Let Love Flow with the beautiful Angelique Nelson. Come to cultivate, strengthen and soften your non-verbal communication; to build trust, and invite more love into your relationship, not only with your partner, but with yourself. Elements of Tantric Meditation and Thai Body Massage will be included (also, lots of smiles). This partner play is open to all relationship types. Bring your lover, your mother or your brother, the benefits remain the same.

with love,



Favorite Fourth Chakra Crystals: Jade, Rose Quartz, Green Tourmaline, Malachite


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