Growing into Gian

In the past few weeks I’ve cut my locks and have begun the process of introducing and integrating my soul identity, Gian Arjan Singh. Some of you may be wondering, what’s going on and what’s all this mean for “Mason”? 

In requesting my spiritual name, I wanted it to be a constant reminder of the purity and power within myself, an inspiration to continue to serve, create and be constant in the work that has uncovered so many truths for me already. Gian means wisdom, Arjan is one who belongs to God, and all males receive the name Singh -- the Lion of God who walks with grace and courage throughout his life. So together, my name’s vibration represents “the courageous Lion who, by understanding that he belongs only to God, embodies divine wisdom in the world.” In switching my site and all offerings to be under this name, and introducing myself as such, my idea is that the more I hear and speak it, the more it will continue to lead me to the highest fulfillment of my soul.

Cutting my hair was symbolic of a snake shedding it’s skin. Me leaving behind an identity, or an identity I had become associated with. Perhaps I felt it was me getting out of the way of the teachings. I found myself relating to my external makeup in situations where it was hard for me to make meaningful connections with people. Was my hair the cause? I’m not sure, I can only assume. In any case, I took hard notice of the privilege I have to free myself from that experience by simply cutting my hair. Although I've missed the locks, that lesson alone was worth ridding them for now. With it, the shedding has strengthened my resolve to use my privilege to fight for a more harmonious and inclusive future for all.

With the "in the way" realization came another that the previous version of my website didn't do well enough in surfacing the services I dream of serving the world with. With the site update, I wanted to provide those who are seeking something with a more direct path to finding it. The update introduced the ability to book private yoga, gong therapy and reiki sessions on the spot, and I hope, made all the services and their benefits easier to browse. 

So, the full answer to the question “what’s this mean for Mason” is, I’m actively working to become more connected, to you, and to the truth that lives within us all. This isn't a new me... this is me being more me than ever. Whether we’re old friends or new, regardless of what you know me as, I look forward to the possibility of assisting or accelerating your uncovering of the divine nature and abundant wisdom within us all, and growing together into the fullness of our collective potential.

How to pronounce Gian Arjan Singh
Gian is like Yawn with a G. Gyawn. 
Arjan has a hard J stop. r-Jun
Singh is simple. Sing

In gratitude,
Gian Arjan

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