Whoa, Gemini Moon: Finding yourself in the chaos

Whoa, Gemini New Moon... what a weekend. Here's a blog about it.

Thursday I had $120 stolen from me. Friday I experienced a panic attack out of nowhere for the first time in my life. Later that night I was hit by a car, then was threatened physically by the guy who hit me with his car. The universe had me searching for some lessons in all of it and here's what I found...

I'm grateful that I had money to be stolen. Success should not measured in money anyway, or any of the other material aggregates of which our world seems to be composed. It should be measured by the love and compassion that we have and that we share. Losing something also teaches us what we appreciate having, and through that we can appreciate it more; we can become more mindful about how we use it and how we treat it. This time it's just money, but it could also apply to someone you love, someone you've lost.

How I responded to the panic attack showed me the control I have over this human shell my soul is drivin'. It proved the power of pranayama, and how by coming back to the breath we can master our mind, and in turn, our entire inner universe.

Not reacting to the meathead drunk driver who turned across traffic and hit me with his 2 ton piece of moving steal, then got out and tried to fight me for it, showed me that by developing more and more discernment through yoga and meditation, through any practice that works for you, we can create more space between beats in chaotic situations. The power of the pause. We can always stop to think, and choose a higher vibration.

Here's the dealio... As a "teacher" I share this to really say, even your teachers are students. There's no separation between the two. Even in class, I'm able to give what I do because of what I receive from you. No one is a superman or superwoman in the sense that they are above all the things that make us so characteristically human. We are supermen and superwomen for how we deal with what life throws our way. For staying in our grace regardless the pace. Our superpowers are perspective and always choosing positivity. Always choosing love.

Forget about your perfect weekend. Forget about your perfect offering. Fall in love with all your imperfections. Find yourself in the chaos. Let everything inspire you, even pain... especially pain. Just to be alive is a miracle, even when things kinda suck. Real zen isn't about being bliss all the time, but more about being the entire spectrum of life. Live it and love it all.

Gian Arjan SIngh