Sahasrara: Step into your light

7 weeks ago we started with Muladhara, growing our roots, diving deeper into ourselves and the earth. For the past few weeks, we’ve taken steps toward the higher realms, travelling through the ether to the spiritual summit of our sacred chakra pyramid, Sahasrara - the thousand petal lotus. As each chakra we’ve worked has worked to connect us to certain aspects of ourselves (our desire, our sun energy or personal power, abundant love), the crown chakra connects us to all that is. It’s a place of light where we are invited to sit and reflect with spirit.

The gift of the 7th Chakra is knowing you are connected to the totality of the universe. It’s recognizing that the entirety of the vast space within and without are made up of the same molecular miracles. You are it. It’s believing in the vastness, knowing you’re all expansive, pure consciousness brought into being by a divine energy that flows through all forms of life.

Following the light of the 7th chakra we see new ways to break through barriers built up by ego and any other limiting way of thinking that dims our shine. This place of unfolding into fullness is where finite and infinite unite. Sahasrara shines light on, and lets us experience, the infiniteness of our soul and the universe through moments of spiritual connection and clarity. Sitting with the energy of this chakra, experiencing the silence and stillness of it, brings about a deep sense of serenity, and shows us the interconnectivity of all activity as we start to develop a global consciousness.

This expanded perspective helps us cultivate an attitude of gratitude, and as Yogi Bhajan says, “the attitude of gratitude is the highest yoga.” Like white being the total balance of all colors, this attitude, this 7th chakra energy, is the total balance of all the chakras. When you’re living in your yoga, in gratitude, you trust the divine within you and all around you to guide you safely where you belong. Fear, anxiety and longing are lost as things fall back to being the way they always have been, except now you let them be. You are lifted up in light, you are aware and undivided. The hardest part, especially for indigo kids like myself, is staying open to these higher realms of consciousness while also staying grounded here in the now.

To elevate yourself in grounded fashion, get to know your inner knowing. Meditation and silence are the most effective ways to experience the enlightenment of sahasrara. Sit like a prayer. Feel connected to all that exists. Assume the posture of the exalted self within you. Create an intention that prepares you to receive the gifts and guidance of the universe. Take conscious control of your mind and see the transformation you seek. See yourself as an expanded being, full of peace. 

After starting your 7th chakra sequence off by going inside, stay in the meditative mind frame and explore a few of these asanas: Purvottanasana (supine plank), urdhva dhanurasana (wheel), and sirsasana (headstand - the pinnacle pose for 7th chakra power). If and when upside down, notice how your mind responds to you moving in and out of balance, and recognize the ego’s role in your reaction if you lose it.

Whatever you end up doing, take savasana seriously. Think of it quite literally as a "corpse pose." Use it as an opportunity to let anything that no longer serves you die off; put it to rest. Allow all parts of you, your thoughts, emotions, breath, to merge into oneness with the prana, the life force energy that supports and surrounds you. Allow the light of the lotus to blossom within you, consciously expanding until you become a beacon of peace and stillness. Surrender completely to your higher self as you consciously integrate the shine of Sahasrara. Then emerge through the confines of the physical body, the ego, mind, and intellect to stand out in these murky surroundings, in these trying times. Like the lotus, you were born to bloom. Shine on.

Pure foods purify the crown. Feed this shiny chakra with sun-dried, natural foods. Try to stay away from sweets and anything packaged or containing additives. Drink lots of water! Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Try some chlorophyll water. It’s like “deodorant for your insides!” and would pair perfect with a gentle day-or-3 detox. If you’re in Chicago, you can grab all the juices and chlorophyll water you need to get your glow on at Infiniteus.  

The 7th chakra bija mantra is OM. As with the 6th chakra, chant this sound of the universal vibration and see yourself as an interconnected and integral part of the universe. Vibrate on this seed sound until the barriers between your subconscious and conscious mind dissolve, creating more stillness, more silence and more space for you to drift off into the bliss of your infiniteness.

As you start to step into your light, claim these affirmations as your own:

I now invite sacred transformation into my life. I go beyond limiting beliefs. I trust my inner knowing. I am complete and one with divine energy; in balance between heaven and earth. I am light. I embrace the unity of all things.

It was such an incredible blessing for me to be able to share this chakra series with you, both online and in person. I have so much gratitude for your energy, your essence, and the time you took for you to cultivate your higher learning. I hope you’ve found balance and energetic alignment during our ascension & I wish you many blessings as you continue making your way down the path of mindfulness. May you stay in your grace, shine your light, and use the tools of love, compassion and understanding to grow even more into the type of human you already are. So much love. So much light.


Bless, bless, bless.




Favorite 7th Chakra Crystals: moldavite, sugilite, selenite, labradorite