Gian Arjan Singh

“Keep Up” with Kundalini Yoga

Generate true wellbeing, an expansive sense of self and unlock your potent potential as human being. I offer public and private classes in Chicago & workshops wherever I can be of service.

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Meditation for Healing Addictions

Develop a relationship with your full connected self. Try a free and simple meditation to cut the cycles of habituation and have the experience of being. Follow free steps right now on your own.

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Upcoming Workshops


Ground Down with The Gong

Release from all things exacerbated by stress and effortlessly relax into the vibrational peace of the gong. I offer One-on-One & Group Sessions.

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Tune Into Weekly Online Classes

Practice Kundalini Yoga and Meditation with Gian Arjan Singh in your own space, live on Saturday morning’s at 10am CT, or join in person for the recording.

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