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Kundalini Yoga is a tool to feel good, be you and stay steady on the path toward your highest destiny.

Keep up with Kundalini

Generate true wellbeing, an expansive sense of self and unlock your potent potential as human being.

Ground with the Gong

Create movement on a cellular level, inspire creativity and relax deeply in the vibrational embrace of the gong. 

Recover Your Radiance

Recover the radiance that resides within, and pick up tools to face, confront and elevate past traumas.

Traveling Light: Kundalini Yoga & Gong On the road


Build Up Your Excellence

Kundalini Yoga is for everyone. It works and it works quick. Just a few minutes with this practice is all it takes to create qualities of lightness and calm. It will give you take-everywhere tools to help you reduce stress, regulate tension and build up your own excellence. It's a way to feel good, be good and keep up with life as it comes to you. Because of the life these teachings have inspired in me, I am forever inspired and blessed to share them with you. Use what time and space you have. Start where you stand. Take a class, you'll feel it. You'll feel you. Join me Sundays on my LIVE page, or along the road at the intersection of You, I and US. Sat Naam, and may peace be your constant companion. -Gian Arjan


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Free Weekly Broadcasts

Tune In to live Kundalini Yoga & Meditation broadcasts with Gian Arjan every Sunday at 10am.


Deep-dive web workshops

Dive deeper into your practice with live & downloadable, watch-whenever Workshops & Class Series.


Private yoga

Get exactly what you need in one-on-one online privates, offered on a sliding scale pricing model.