Gian Arjan Singh










Get to know your inner knowing with Gian Arjan

Wherever you are on the path you're paving, your soul knows the way forward. You have a wealth of wisdom in you. The teachings and practices I share are simply excavation tools for your soul's sacred knowledge. I share them because I know their power, and through them I know my own power. With them, it is my intention to bring celestial awareness and joy to your mind and heart, and assist you in creating harmony with your highest destiny.


Yoga & Meditation

Explore your inner universe and cultivate a more harmonious way of being. Create unity within you.

Sound Therapy

Experience a deeply relaxing soundscape designed to effortlessly carry you into a state of peace and calm. 

Energy Balancing

Release physical and emotional pain, dissolve debris and discover your body's natural ability to heal. 


I am...

Gian Arjan Singh

I discovered yoga, the gong and energetic therapies during a period of my life that I felt truly tested by time and space. Together these practices allowed, continue to allow to me to have a play with consciousness that inspires enhanced emotional intellect; they clear me out and regulate the inherent tension that comes with the pressures of being human. These teachings create a neutral mind where I can see clearly, objectively observe and creatively construct my way through any internal or external block. They are my daily path to serenity and self-victory. 

I teach yoga, meditation and offer sound therapy sessions because I've experienced their transformational effects in my own life. I look forward to the possibility of assisting or accelerating your uncovering of the divine nature and abundant wisdom within us all, and growing together into the fullness of our collective potential.